DIY papion/bow tie

Realizeaza-ti propriul papion in culorile si printurile preferate in 10 pasi simpli...
Make your own bow tie in 10 simple steps 

1. Cut two pieces of the your favorite fabric. Length and width depending on how big/small you want to make your bow

 2. Take the larger piece and fit it ends over each other

 3. Sew (backwards) the two sides. As well you can glue them together

 4. After sewing (glueing) the sides it should look like this

 5. Fold the middle as shown in the piscture above

 6. Sew / glue the middle

 It should look like this

 7. Wrap the middle of the bow tie with the small piece of fabric

 8. Sew / Glue the two sides

 9. Sew / glue a pin on the back of the bow

 10. Ta da... there you have it. Your very own handmade bow tie.


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