{ R E C Y C L E }

I just loved the shape of the water plastic bottles I had at home, and after thinking and rethinking what should I make from them, I've come up with this cute flower stand.
So easy to make. Cut the top of the bottle and dress the stand with your favorite fabric or wrapping paper. Embelish it with a piece of lace or stamp it or do whatever cross your mind.

{ E L E G A N T }

Am pus impreuna margele si perle si bucati de sidef pentru a crea un colier elegant si feminin, potrivit atat pentru zi cat si pentru seara.
Materiale: margele, perle. sidef, accesorii aurii
Pret 50 lei

{ C A N D Y }

Margele colorate din sticla insiruite una cate una.
O bratara vesela si feminina purtata singura sau in compania altor goodies
Pret 25 lei

{ R E D }

Colier realizat manual
Margele de sticla rosii si lant auriu
Feminin & extrem de potrivit for making a statement
Pret 55 lei

{ fooling around is useful sometimes }

 * Coming from someone with awful (read unexisting) drawing skills, I guess the necklace turned out pretty nice.
* Right?